MAI – Motivation & Inspiration 4

Last week I came across a pretty cool article that I would like to share…

“On the interest alone, we can survive in cheap countries like Thailand, where apartments are as little as $300 per month to rent,” Ms Chamberlain said.”

In summary, it is about a couple who had saved up a little during their career and realised that there life was going nowhere.. so they had done exactly what I planned on doing and sold everything, added some significant money in the bank and lived off that to travel the world.

“We know we can always go out and get jobs if we need to, but we doubt we will.”

Now I am not exactly selling up to just travel (this is zero to a million after all, not zero to zero!) but instead free up my precious time and mentality to focus on being a true entrepreneur and spending proper time on my business and ventures.  If I can see the world a little as part of that too, then well that’s a bonus but it’s certainly secondary for now that’s for sure!

“We simply don’t want to work in jobs we don’t love to pay for a lifestyle that no longer suits us.”

Anyway, have a read and I hope this can give you a little inspiration to make some moves to get away from the daily grind and go where your heart wants to take you!