Day 27 to 33 – Let the renovations begin!

Well, my loan should be processed this week (perhaps even tomorrow!) meaning I should have some money in the bank to start the renovations as part of my overall Zero to a Million strategy.  With the assistance of my grandfather, I will start in putting up a false wall up in the lounge room to build a fourth bedroom.  Then, the other renovations will follow.

In other news, last week I had finished my “app in two days” and it has been sent to Apple, ready for approval.  If I get even a small bite or two then I am going to seriously consider pumping out more of these in conjunction with marketing them a little harder.  Every dollar counts and the best thing about the app store is that once your app gets some traction, it is always there and always has the chance of being download by somebody, somewhere around the world.

My digital agency’s advertising brochure was also completed and now sent to the printers.  This should be ready on the 11th of February on which we will send out the fliers targeted to local businesses near us.

There was also some initial good news on our Freight System front with a larger carrier starting to show some interest in our offerings.  If they purchase our system sometime this year, it really could give us the boost we need!!!  Fingers crossed some momentum will occur here over the next few months.

I have also been keeping up with my Fitness with another 15km walk and an average of almost 10000 steps every day last week.  I am signing up to the gym again this week to join my friends M and A on the path the getting a better body.  I have been doing it already for a month on a free trail basis and determined now to keep it up, especially as I am feeling much better and seeing some real results again.

I also watched Wolf of Wall street with M, A and MM and I must admit it was one of the best films I have ever seen.  There are so many references in the film that parallel my Zero to a Million strategy and I just love the main character’s (Jordan Belfort) “Don’t give a fuck” nature.   It can be a bit full on sometimes, but overall it’s a funny and great movie with such a motivational plot.

Here is a great little motivational piece from Jordan – here.

Also, perhaps in a few weeks I will start being a little less anonymous in my posts and start posting my product and business names and even my own name, but at the moment I will leave things as they are.  But I believe this will happen sooner than later as I am excited to share who I am, what my products and business are.  Of course, I will keep everything else in this blog anonymous…

So this week’s plan – Day 34 to 40:

  • Hopefully my app in two days app is approved.
  • Start renovations with grandad.
  • Start getting in touch with a few real estate agents and making them aware of my plans.
  • Give G a call to give him and update and see where things are at.
  • Download his newly released iPhone app.
  • Continue working with the guys on the top tier freight carrier opportunity for our system / capabilities.
  • Continue and try and finish off my digital agency’s client backlog.