Day 69 to 89 – Status quo amongst other things…

Ok, a quick post today.

Renovations are now complete and the house is looking great. I have enquired the costs of temporary storage and very suprised how much they charge for a space as big as a bedroom. On average, the costs are $200-$250 per month – JUST FOR A STORAGE ROOM! Stuff that.

Therefore, I am now in the process of tidying and boxing things up in the shed and making things neat instead of moving stuff out.

Anyway, I am now engaging agents and getting it ready for sale!

Work wise, things have certainly been busy. We are inching closer towards another sale of our Freight Management System as well as cutting up more websites for our clients. We are also currently in the process of applying with the government for “Research and Development” tax grants in relation to our Freight Software, so hopefully we are considered for this.

Unfortunately not much more to report on at this stage – for the next week or so it will really be status quo until I can sell the house. From then though, it will free up some time and funds for me to take Zero to a Million to the next level

On side news, I have also made some blog updates with regards to my Fitness and some Motivation and Inspiration… please check it out!