MAI – Motivation & Inspiration 8 – Forget working your way up, go straight to the top

The following are some really great articles I stumbed across over the past few weeks about talk about giving up the “mundane” and just giving your dreams a real and proper go.

First up, a gentleman named Jack Delosa has been a long-time mentor of mine and I was happy to see him in the news not so long ago:

He brings up so many good points that parallel very closely to my overall Zero to a Million strategy… especially around that of freeing up your time and mentality to focusing on your dreams.

  • HE dropped out of uni, was horrendously in debt and says buying a house will ruin your life.
  • Forget everything you learn at school
  • Don’t buy a house
  • Forget working your way up, go straight to the top
  • Always mix business and pleasure
  • Shoot for the stars

The next article is about a guy who left his six figure cushy job to start a whole new life experience.  Even though he isn’t as “rich as he used to be”, his life experiences totally outweight the cash he may have now.  Now as part of the Zero to a Million goal, I would certainly like the cash to match, but I do like this guy’s mentality towards life and he brings up many good points…

“My wife noticed it too — something was off. Although I feigned excitement with every successful step up the corporate ladder, I knew deep down that it wasn’t what I was meant to do. I started trying to breathe some life into my creative side, and it was invigorating. “

“The past decade has been one hell of a ride. I haven’t come anywhere near reaching the level of financial success that I had in my suit-and-tie days, but my account is full of untold riches when it comes to memories and life experiences. I have appeared on national TV, I wrote a book, I have become friends with folks I have admired for a lifetime — Henry Winkler, William Hurt, Richard Kline and too many others to mention.” – Steve Belanger