MAI – Motivation & Inspiration 7 – the Australian economy has certainly seen better days…

The world may be slowly recovering from the GFC, but it seems Australia is still struggling.  I mean, take a look at all the bad news recently.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to.  For example, just like a click of your fingers, you can be out of a job – no matter how smart or “needed” you may think you are.  Companies generally only care about their bottom line and you are always replaceable – so please at least TRY taking your life by the reigns and tell it exactly where to go… take control NOW!

Take some bold and risky (calculated of course) moves and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!

Just like these guys did..

Want to start a business or travel?  Start planning it now and take action.  Don’t let excuses take control of your life.

2014/02/19 800 jobs

2014/02/19 540 jobs

2014/02/18 1000 jobs

2014/02/10 30,000 jobs

2014/01/23 200 jobs

2014/01/17 250,000 jobs gone since start of GFC


Even at $1… no-one yet wants Australian Citizenship!!!! and I wonder why that is?


F (article contents collated and found by my business partner J)