Fitness – My new fitbit!

Nice!  My long-time high school friend ‘D’ got me a beautiful little 30th birthday present – a Fitbit Flex of my very own!


As part of my journey in 2014 – I continue to improve on my fitness (I have already dropped in the last quarter of last year from 130kgs to roughly 95kgs now).

My new fitbit profile is here – so please feel free to check it out from time to time and give me a bit of inspiration 🙂


Anyway, as a result of this I have started a new section on my blog called Fitness.  My aim this year is to shed another 15-20kgs and just feel good about myself.  I will be adding the aspects that contribute this to this section of my blog.

Mid last year I was feeling really fat, lethargic and generally horrible overall.  I started to get chest pains and realised that all the hard work, late nights and bad eating.  I couldn’t even fit into any my old clothes before!  Something had to change as I was killing myself.

What’s the point of getting a Porsche as part of my Zero to a million plan if I can’t even fit in the drivers seat?

So I took a photo of my body from different angles (a selfie so to speak), spoke with one our very important clients and mentors to get a diet plan in order (let’s just call him ‘DT’ for the time being) and started on my fitness journey roughly mid September 2013.  And even to this day I am still on track!

One day I will post my before and after body pictures but all I can say is that there is certain improvement.

Clients and friends say “F, you looks so much thinner and happier now” and “how the hell did you do that?”.  The funny thing is that I am not stopping there and aim to get fitter and fitter and FITTER!  ROAAAAAAR!!!

So I understand now that you can’t be successful without being healthy – so I want to make sure I am keeping my health in check during my Zero to a million journey.

My FitBit journey has also begun 🙂

Never again do I want to be unhealthy and back in the 130kg range.  NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, AGAIN.