Fitness – I climbed Wagga Wagga’s “The Rock” today

I am still tracking well on the fitness front.  Over the past month I have dropped from 98kg to 92kgs but starting to put on some muscle definition again.

I am still going to the gym 5 days a week as well as bushwalking at least 15kms every Sunday.

Today, I decided to tackle “The Rock” – a tough 3 hour round trip just outside of Wagga Wagga.,_New_South_Wales

The following is a view from the top of “The Rock” in NSW.



The walk itself was quite a tough incline but I managed to walk up it pretty much non-stop.  I was so, so proud of where I have come 6 months ago and the fact I can just keep walking without getting out of breath.  All of the walks I do on Sundays and Cross Trainer sessions I do at gym certainly pay off.

I am now inspired to lose even more weight, get fitter and tackle even more “climbing feats”.  One of my near term challenges will be to scale Mt. Fuji in Japan.  That is at least an 8 hour one way trip and will certainly test my fitness.