Fitness – Go see a personal trainer!


I made use of the free personal training services at the gym I am attending and considering I have never used one before, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

I can’t believe I had been doing most things incorrectly from a technique perspective..

For example:

  • I was working the wrong muscle groups by using or doing things incorrectly
  • I wasn’t varying or getting my heart rate to the right levels
  • I was working on the wrong muscle groups altogether to acheive my goals
  • In fact – I had no goals or set targets or numbers!
  • I wasn’t stretching or if I ever did, I was doing it wrong anyway.
  • I forgot how good the motivation of having someone by your side, pushing you can be.

Now, I probably won’t be proceeding with paid services at least for the time being (especially as money is tight and I need every dollar I can to ultimately achieve my Zero to a million goal) – but just the two sessions alone I believe has been invaluable.

So, the next time your gym asks you to take up a personal training session, please do it.  It could actually save you from injury or even your life!