Fitness – 70000 steps in a week!

I have been tracking well on the Fitness front – slowly losing weight and converting it to muscle.

I also did 70000+ steps (more than the recommended 10000 steps per day) last week – a huge achievement for me!  See my FitBit stats here for proof –

In other fitness news, this week I decided to make use of a free Personal Trainer (PT) session at my gym and found it invaluable.  I was told I needed to strengthen my core, push hard from a cardio perspective (getting my heart rate between 160-180 bpm) and also how to use the equipment I use properly.  I now find I work out harder and feel the benefits in the areas that matter most.  Awesome!

I never actually used a PT before, but I highly recommend at least doing one or two sessions especially when you start at the gym for the first time (or first time in a while).

I am also going to the gym 5-6 days a week, including early morning on a Saturday.  I love it and gives me a boost I need to get through the weekend.

I have also been improving on my walking, walking 10-12km walks on weekends EVERY weekend without fail, rain, hail or shine.  I am finding I am getting stronger and stronger each week and my energy levels are going through the roof.

Anyway, I am really enjoying getting fitter and hope to keep it up.  Mind, spirit and body – all help with the ultimate Zero to a Million goal.