Fitness – 500km distance goal achieved (equivalent of Melbourne to Gundagai!)

Wow, time flies.

My FitBit has reported that I have walked 500km’s since my friend DB gifted it to me for my 30th birthday.


FIVE HUNDRED!  View my FitBit stats here…

Wow, this is like walking from Melbourne to Gundagai –,146.12915&sspn=4.112582,7.13562&geocode=FaUAv_0d0PajCCn3TbrStUbWajGQzYwhdVYEBA%3BFQXy6P0dpe_TCClxZBS1qT4YazGw6UOQtAkGBA&t=h&z=8

I have also walked more than 600000 steps too.

It’s amazing where I have come from a fitness perspective from August last year.  I have dropped from 130KG now down to 93KG and I am still postitive to lose more.

It is just great being able to walk up stairs without losing breath, being able to walk 20kms in one go without being fatigued and being able to be confident about my body overall.

Also working out at the gym on almost a daily basis, I am starting to see the muscle definition I had almost 6 to 7 years ago.  Even some abdominal muscles are starting to make an appearance.. that’s cool as! 🙂

The benefits – my relationship with my partner, my confidence meeting clients and friends and my overall happiness is so much better as a result of being fitter.

I can also think clearer throughout the day to make the decisions I need to that relate to my overall Zero to a Million goal.

Anyway, that’s about it for now but I was pretty excited about my achievement – so naturally had to blog about it.

My next fitness goal – hit 85KG!