Day 90 to 110 – Another Freight Management System sale!

Exciting news this week – we have sold another installation of our powerful Freight Management System (FMS) to a wonderful broker freight company that we are now working closely with.

There is a fair bit of work coming out of this as a result and we hope to have it up and running and kicking goals for their business over the next three months.  They are happy with our capabilities and are looking at working with us on a partnership level into the future.  That’s great!

We are also getting interest from another two companies so fingers crossed we can bring them in too over the next month or so.

We have also progressed one stage further from getting a grant from the government – let’s hope this also comes to fruition as it will certainly help fund further developments to the FMS product.

Also been busy on the web development front with quite a few medium sites coming through.  We are currently working with a government related “not-for-profit” departments on one of their sites and I hope to disclose more information soon once it is all live.

On the house side of things, almost finished getting all the appraisals done with the last one happening this Tuesday 8th April 2014.  Once I am happy with the sale price, it goes on the market – exciting!

Anyway, that’s about it for now – time to get stuck into the work required from our FMS and hopefully we can line up a few more deals soon too.

It all goes towards the overall ZAM goal!