Day 41 to 47 – Nothing beats a new, fresh coat of paint!

Hello all,

Not much to update this week as the renovations are going along strongly and taking up the majority of my time.

The house renovations are coming along nicely with painting well under way.  It’s amazing how good a fresh white coat of paint looks. I anticipate painting will be finished over the next week or two and will post before and after pictures of the renovations then.

At this stage, I anticipate all renovations to be completed by March 10th 2014 and have it on the market by then.

From an entrepreneul perspective – my iOS app Resizify! is getting some consistent paid downloads every day – let’s hope that continues throughout the year as this surely helps.  I aim to do some more “app in two day” apps soon.

So.. let’s see last week’s action plan and see what has been completed:

  • Finish painting new dividing wall for fourth bedroom
  • Continue painting house with new coat of paint
  • Start looking at storage facilities and what I need to temporaily move in there
  • Start getting in touch with a real estate agent friend and letting them know of my plans over the next few months
  • Collect my new digital agency brochures ready for mail-out (they are ready this week)
  • Work with J and migrate older social network apps to my main company iOS profile and upgrade their versions

All done – nice!

This week’s action plan:


  • Try and finish painting the walls (not including kitchen and bathroom tiles just yet)
  • If painting is finished, look at getting the blinds replaced by cheap ones
  • Once painting is finished, replace light and switch fittings
  • Start concreting front porch
  • Work out what needs to be completed to build small garden bed on side of house
  • Give G a call to see how things are going and re-invigorate talks around “the grand plan” happening next year
  • Increase the distance I am bush-walking on Sunday by a kilometre or two – especially now I am getting fitter.


  • Now the brochures are printed, identify mail out target and mail supplier with J
  • Finish two clients websites currently on the go
  • Work with a valued Freight client of ours to gather their requirements as they are interested in using our FMS
  • Try and roll out at least one other social network using our iPhone framework now the others are all up to date
  • Update Resizify! with social networking facilities and increase compatibility versions to at least iOS 5.0 if possible.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  More updates soon.