Day 34 to 40 – A fourth bedroom is born!

Hello all,

A really quick update this week – things are very hectic at the moment…

So, renovations are certainly under way now the loan has been approved.  So far I have purchased paints, plaster and some basic tools and coming well under budget at this stage which is great.

A new bedroom has been made and looks great.  Painting and sanding of the rest of the walls in the house has also commenced.  My grandad is such a gun and I love the work he has done.  Without his help and dedication, this would never happen at a reasonable price and quality – I love him a lot and thank him for everything he has done and everything he will do.  Anyway, check out some photos I have taken here..



In other news, my “app in two days” Resizify! app was also approved and has been getting a nice, steady stream of downloads and I hope to make a few more of these throughout the year –

Business at my web / digital agency has also been going nicely with a few quotes and some small to medium sized projects being completed – meaning a more steady cash flow at least for the time being.  I am aiming to do a more detailed post soon all about my business and where it is at… but that is for another time.

Anyway, time for a new week – therefore my day 40 to 46 plan:

  • Finish painting new dividing wall for fourth bedroom
  • Continue painting house with new coat of paint
  • Start looking at storage facilities and what I need to temporaily move in there
  • Start getting in touch with a real estate agent friend and letting them know of my plans over the next few months
  • Collect my new digital agency brochures ready for mail-out (they are ready this week)
  • Work with J and migrate older social network apps to my main company iOS profile and upgrade their versions

That’s about it for now – hopefully a more detailed post next week.  I will also start announcing my name and my businesses in this blog as I think it’s time to do that.  Stay tuned.