Day 20 to 26 – My renovation loan is approved!

Last week, there was some good news.  With the help of my parents, I am able to obtain a small renovation loan to get started on house preparations for sale.  The loan be signed and processed roughly on the 4th of February.

Day 27 to 33 plan:

  • Get dad, mum and granddad around my place to start assessing what needs to be done around my house as per my renovation plan
  • Perhaps get granddad to start on some things such as preparing the bathroom ready for painting
  • Send my digital agency’s new brochure I had created last week to the printers
  • Migrate social networks from old company into new company and upgrade them as appropriate
  • Polish off and release my “app in two days” iPhone app and see how that goes! 🙂  If this proves somewhat successful, I will look at creating more.  Every dollar counts hehe.
  • Continue working with J on the web version of our social network.
  • Continue paid client work through my digital agency and finish off some outstanding projects
  • Touch base with Freight System clients to see where they are at in terms of moving ahead
  • Touch base with G to give him an update on my progress and to see how things are travelling on his end
  • Keep up with my fitness!

Anyway, a short post for now as I am really, really busy – but the most important thing is that I am still on track for the sale of my place and freeing myself from the tentacles of debt.

This means I can focus on making money this year, not having to worry about how and where to spend it.