Day 2 to 5 – Surely it’s just a state of mind?

Even though the numbers just add up and that it all just makes sense to sell up and release myself from the tentacles of debt – sentimentality seems to be a weak point of mine.

I love my beloved house.  I bought it 8 years ago – excited as everything was just coming together for my life.  I had a good IT job.  A nice car.  Good friends and family. A good University Degree.  I certainly had a lot for a 22 year old.

It was (and still is) my shelter, paying it off slowly month by month, aspiring to own it outright in future.  Excited to have a place of my own to raise a family should I ever meet someone with the same ideals.  A lot of memories within these walls.

But surely it shouldn’t be that hard to let it go?  It’s just plaster and brick and roof tiles.  Grass, gardens and trees…  Home.  But for some reason it doesn’t feel like home any more.  It’s a burden.  Instead of the loving it, I want to just let it go.  It has served me well but it remind me exactly of the person I don’t want to be.  A ‘cog’, a ‘slave’ to the community ‘norm’ – a person who spends their whole life trying to build ‘The Australian Dream’ only to find they are 65 years old and can’t even get into their car any more.

I don’t want to be that person.  I want to enjoy my life.  Experience new things.   Grow my own business.  See the world.  Raise a family.  Not be tied down worrying about making that next repayment or whether that next bill can be paid.

Yes, it always goes through my mind – “what if I do go back to being a 5 to 9 slave?”… “surely there are jobs that can keep you satisfied?”.  But it’s all a load of BS.  You may well earn $150k, but after 70% in taxes plus exorbitant living expenses you are lucky to even see $10k of that.  Wonderful.  Almost 2000 hours a year for $10k.  What a joke.

There seems to alternate ways to earn a good dollar and not be tied down to a boss or a money wasting conglomerate.  Money can be made locally or even internationally – seemingly from your own laptop.

Some of my recent ventures include…

  • Mobile / iPhone apps and app revenue generation
  • Forex and CFDs
  • Growing your own business
  • Entrepreneur ideas and up-start initiatives

A house or a 5 to 9 doesn’t let me concentrate on these.  Having to worry about meeting the next bill doesn’t allow me to do that either.

So, enough is enough.  My action plan begins this week.


  • Day 6 to 10 – commence focusing on my Web Agency and completing outstanding jobs.  Start strategising with ‘J’ and commence a marketing campaign including brochures and mail outs.
  • See if can finish off and rebuild our social network iPhone app.  This is a symbol of mine and ‘J’s’ entreprenuer bone and seeing it working in it’s full glory again will be very positive.  I still have a lot of hope for this area.
  • Start contacting those involved around our Freight System and see if any progress can be made on this over the next few weeks.


  • Day 6 – organise a meeting with the bank to discuss how to sell off my assets and turn them into liquid cash.  Liquid cash I can use to concentrate on my ventures – even if it means living with mum again in the meantime.
  • Day 7 – speak with my good friend ‘G’ who is currently based in Europe who is keen to work with me.  ‘G’ has recently started and successfully sold a Web Agency here in Melbourne and created a successful iPhone app… so he is a very switched on individual.  Perhaps Europe is a good option?  Certainly less cost of living and with the power of the Internet, income can be derived from anywhere.  I certainly need to touch base with ‘G’.
  • Day 7 or 8 – draft up a plan with the bank for sale of assets.
  • Day 9 – have a chat with my parents and let them know of my plans.  See if they are happy to sponsor me for a temporary loan to assist with tidying up the place to achieve maximum sale price.
  • Day 10 – reflect.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.. time for rest as it’s going to be a busy week.  But I am going to continue to use this blog as the inspiration I need to get things sorted out in my life and achieve my end of year goals.  Time is ticking.


Available funds: $0 (actually negative)