Day 13 to 19 – Things are starting to get some momentum.. including my fitness!

Well, what a busy week – just the way I like it!

I got most of the things I wanted to get done except for probably one of the most important things, letting my partner know of my moves this 2014 year.

Don’t worry, I aim on doing this this week now as I was a little inundated with work and was hardly home last week to have a chat.  I must admit I had grown also a little anxious, but I have to just grow a set and do it.  In the end I have nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

I also managed to get the loan application forms from the bank and give this to my parents (as they are going to help guarantee this as I am a little short of liquid cash at the moment).  I am looking to get a $10k loan (which I will pay back immediately upon sale of my property).  I will try and send these for their approval this week.

Also, Apple approved our social network app update and it’s working fine and growing numbers again.  The good thing is that we are now collecting email addresses which will hopefully give it more value in future.

So out of the things I said I will get done, only one things wasn’t completed.  So, this gets moved to this week’s list.


  • Day 20 – Fill out loan application forms and scan these.
  • Day 21 – Get filled out loan application forms from parents, scan my completed ones and send them off to the bank.
  • Day 22 – Aim to let my partner know of my intentions this year.  Touch base with ‘G’ as per our weekly catchup and continue formulating a plan.
  • Day 23 – Start looking at all my loose odds and ends re: my domain names, small products I have developed over the year.  Perhaps start on a quick little iphone app project in my spare time.
  • Day 24 – Start building a few dumb placeholder websites for my domains with the potential to “flip” them in my spare time.
  • Day 25 & 26 – Australia day weekend.  Perhaps get grandad to come around and start doing some basic things around the house as per my House Renovation Plan.


Day 20 to 26:

  • Finish off Web Renovators mailout brochure as part of this month’s marketing campaign (I actually started and about 15% of the way on the new design today).
  • Complete any outstanding client work / continue on any outstanding projects as per BAU.
  • Complete, submit and pay company PAYG.
  • Contact cheap brochure printer I had contacted last year for 10000 brochure print.
  • Work with Julian to establish best mailout group as per the research he had conducted last year.
  • Work with Julian on next phase of our Web Based social media platform (that compliments our existing iPhone based platform) to open it up to a wider audience.  Come up with a small development road map and commence work on this.
  • Chase up Ray and discuss potential large carrier opportunity with our Freight Management System platform that Julian discovered today.
  • Chase up potential mid carrier Freight System implementation I was working on last year.
  • Consider and discuss marketing techniques (ad words etc.) for our Social Networking apps.

In other news, my long-time high school friend ‘D’ got me a beautiful little 30th birthday present – a Fitbit Flex of my very own!

As part of my journey in 2014 – I continue to improve on my fitness (I have already dropped in the last quarter of last year from 130kgs to roughly 95kgs now).  See more in my new blog fitness section here.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I have to go and head off to J’s house now to continue on our entrepreneur and work related ideas (as per above) which I am sure are going to make it one day soon.  Maybe not in this country but surely somewhere in this world.

Ultimately, if you give up it means you are happy and ready to just fall back into the 5 to 9 ‘Sheeple (Sheep People)’ society with the false ideals of ‘satisfaction’.  However if you don’t give up, you still have a chance of obtaining financial freedom with a worse case scenario of just saying “well at least I gave it my best shot”.  I know I am certainly not ready for the Sheeple life just yet.. and I will do whatever it takes to make sure it never happens again.

Available funds: $0 (actually negative)