Day 13 – A rough house renovation project plan

Ok great – I have now come up with my ‘house spruce’ plan and budget as follows…

Available resources:

  • My grandfather (available full time)
  • Myself (available after business hours)
  • My mum, dad and brother (available for a few days here and there)

Things I would like to do (prices do not include labour as it is intended above resources will assist and time stated is timeframe, not actual effort):

  • Add a false wall in lounge room to create a study / fourth bedroom – $1000 – 5 days
  • Change door to this new room – $200 – 1 day
  • Paint walls, ceiling and window frames in kitchen, lounge, laundry, toilet – 10 days – $1000
  • Paint bathroom.  Paint tiles, re grout and paint walls – 3 days – $500
  • Replace kitchen benchtop – 3 days – $500
  • Replace front and back doors – 2 days – $500
  • Change flooring (perhaps remove vinyl and polish floorboards) in kitchen, bathroom and laundry – 5 days – $1000
  • Polish all floor boards throughout house – 2 days – $200
  • Change electric switches and outlets throughout house after painting – 2 days – $250
  • Concrete new floor on top of collapsed porch out front – 3 days – $300
  • Create a small garden bed on side of house to cover gravel areas – 3 days – $300
  • A complete tidy up of the house – 4 days – $300
  • Total estimated time and cost – 42 days – $6050 (NOTE: this should increase house value by at least $50k making the effort worthwhile).

Other potential ideas I need to consider:

  • Move existing stuff out and replace furniture with hired staging furniture (potentiall provided by Real Estate agent)
  • Enquire costs obtaining sub-division permits with council as this may improve value also
  • Consider calling in expert labour and paying for their time to help condense project plan timeframe

It’s also worth noting that once I manage to successfully sell my place, I aim to give my grandfather and family not only monetary compensation for their efforts, but also a nice gift if I can afford it!

TARGET: Having said all this, I am to have the house on the market by mid to end of March.

Anyway, that’s about it on the house front.  I aim to hopefully stick somewhat close to it but will probably tweak it here and there as required.

In the meantime, I was very happy to see someone else achieve their 365 day goals, giving me inspiration to keep my blog up to date and to achieve my goals.  The article is as follows…

I also found this quite interesting…