Day 111 to 131 – Keep pushing on!

Well it certainly has been a tough past couple of weeks on the work front – lots of deal cutting and trying to get new business using our Freight System.  We have also been busy with general housekeeping such as Book-keeping, taxes etc. – especially as we are going for R&D grant / funding this year for some of our projects and initiatives.  This will help my business greatly if we succeed in obtaining such funding.

That on top of being ill with the flu it has been pretty challenging, but thankfully due to my recent weight loss and overall better health, I am fighting off any illnesses quickly.

I suppose it’s also due to the temperature changes as we head into Winter – it’s really starting to get cold and windy again and Daylight Savings has changed, meaning it’s dark quite early now.  Hmmm.. perhaps it’s time to go to Europe for a few months and enjoy their summer! 🙂

In other news, there has been a bit more progression with a potential large ‘blue chip’ client and we are all currently in the progress of working on that.  There is a chance we will need to fly interstate for a “second round meeting” and if we do in fact get an opportunity to do that, there will be a good chance they will proceed using us as their preferred IT partner.  That would just be amazing, but let’s not get the hopes up just yet.  Unfortunately I cannot write much more about this due to NDA’s and the like, but as soon as something significant comes through in this space I will be sure to add this to my blog.

Re: my house, everything is ready to go and I have spoken to all the real estate agents I need to now.   I have shortlisted / selected one and will need to progress to the next step of meeting with them to get started with putting it on the market.  Unfortunately my efforts towards the sales has been put on the back burner as I have been inundated with work, but I plan to focus back on this over the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I am just going to keep focusing on the path ahead and keep walking!

Hopefully some more good news soon in the next few blog updates.

In the meantime – here is an article re: financial lessons that I found quite interesting.. worth a read when you get a chance.